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An overscore, overline or overbar has long been used as a “vinculum,” which historically is a line displayed over several separate symbols indicating that they should be regarded as one unit. Within mathematical equations the presence of an overscore above a specific value, such as “x” (or “your media business”), also indicates a complex set of underlying operations that define its actual value.


We chose the name Overscore because the two above definitions are spot on analogies for the media businesses we serve:

1) Publishers have fragmented data and capabilities that can be mapped together in new ways to create previously unavailable revenue. It’s one valuable unit, you just haven’t put together all the pieces yet. Typically lack of time and/or lack of experience navigating digital opportunities has been the barrier – and we are the solution to both.

2) Every media business is much more complicated and valuable than it seems on the surface. The beauty of publishing is that each company is the same but different. Markets vary drastically but the publishers serving them share the same challenges. We acknowledge your complexity, are energized by it, and have a playbook to push the gas on your digital sales strategy + revenue products.


Sales Strategy / Revenue Product Development

After well over a decade as publishing operators we noticed a consistent need in the industry for our digital-centric, revenue obsessed guidance. We realized that above all else, publishers need outside assistance with updating their sales approach and developing new digital products that will add to top line revenue.

Print is still important for specific legacy brands and events are incredible for networking and profit margins. But future growth, my friends, will be from digital (and let’s not forget that “digital” can mean a thousand different things). Beyond having a purely digital leadership background our main differentiator is that we are unapologetically focused on revenue output. As consultants we believe in discovery, well thought through strategy and data driven decisions – but all those things are the necessary steps to attaining the same goal: additive revenue.

Lastly, what makes us most excited in media is discovering potential within often underserved but extremely loyal enthusiast markets. Our personal success has come from serving niche communities such as police officers, fire fighters, fishermen, hunters and adventure motorcycle riders. Again, the markets are different but the overarching challenges stay the same. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to now help a variety of publishers realize their potential. Overscore is an exciting new chapter for our professional lives and will hopefully result in exciting contributions to yours.


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